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Compared with the people in the sleep education group, those in the mindfulness group had less insomnia, fatigue, and depression at the end of the six sessions. The findings come as no surprise to Dr. The relaxation response can help ease many stress-related ailments, including depression, pain, and high blood pressure. For many people, sleep disorders are closely tied to stress, says Dr.

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It helps you break the train of your everyday thoughts to evoke the relaxation response, using whatever technique feels right to you. Benson recommends practicing mindfulness during the day, ideally for 20 minutes, the same amount suggested in the new study. In fact, the relaxation response is so, well, relaxing that your daytime practice should be done sitting up or moving as in yoga or tai chi so as to avoid nodding off. Step 1: Choose a calming focus.

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If you choose a sound, repeat it aloud or silently as you inhale or exhale. Step 2: Let go and relax. So this is saying that if you meditate for two hours once a week for 6 weeks, you will sleep better. That sounds like major BS. Thanks for this Wonderful Write Up.

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This is excellent advice for people who have trouble sleeping. Of course, my input is only anecdotal; this input is scientific.

I began to think through this idea, that keeping the flaw helped reveal the authenticity of the instrument. For Emil, that squeaky note was sonic proof that listeners were getting a real, acoustic Flapamba. There have been times since that session when I have identified some aspect of a project as undesirable. Sometimes I can find my way past perfection to accept something I initially wanted to remove as a necessary part of what helped make the whole. A few times, I have come around to the idea that the very thing I wanted to eliminate is actually the best part.

Case, has invited members to share their memories of conventions past. Graham Blyth performed pipe organ in one of the big cathedrals in San Fransisco, as he has for so many years as part of AES Conventions. Ron Stretcher held a class before the concert on techniques for recording that pipe organ, including a Decca Tree. I had just purchased one and assembled it a few times, so I raised my hand. And I was the only person who raised a hand.

After everything was setup and ready, our class was invited to sit in the choir seats right underneath the front organ registers. A little bit. El Cholo — S. Flower Street walking distance from Convention Center. On the occasion of Erin publishing her e-book about how to get started in voice acting, I took the opportunity to talk shop and glean some wisdom from my very talented friend.

What things make it more difficult?

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And then we never have to pay attention to the weaknesses. My eyes are closed most of the time. My imagery all comes from the inside because very rarely is the product already finished that I can look at it. And I feel like that helps build my inner universe. And which of your roles would most likely delight that historical figure? Bobby told a story that I found especially engaging.

Clint Eastwood got some recordings of Charlie Parker playing his sax.

But the recordings were only his solos, and they had been recorded using a reel-to-reel tape machine, just hanging the mic from the chord, draped on top of the stage mic. Clint wanted to isolate Parker and re-record the rest of the band for his film Bird , made in the mid-eighties. That meant Bobby had to figure out how to minimize bleed from the original performance before digital workstations were common, and before robust noise reduction was really viable. Bobby said he put six analog GML equalizers on his left, and six more on his right, with the signal feeding through all of them.

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  • The left EQs were used to cut the backing players… drums, piano, etc. From his description, it sounded like he would work on a passage, or phrase, or even a note at a time. That EQed segment would be recorded to an adjacent track, then he would adjust the EQs for the next segment and punch it, then adjust EQs, then punch, until the whole solo was isolated. Voice actor, writer, and legendary acting instructor Daws Butler has been celebrated in print and live presentation.

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    Here are a few acting tips that I especially enjoyed…. These can be as memorable and real as actual people you know. Joe Bevilacqua : Keep in mind the physicality of the character, the facial structure. Portray the character you are creating with your body.

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    • Think about how tall the character is, what age the character is, and where the voice emanates from the body. Tony Pope: Try the same story in different dialects, different characters. Always take chances.