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Meg put the procedure in place that if a client ever calls and says anything about canceling it goes directly to client care so that they can find the best solution.

This structure has led to stronger client retention and overall client satisfaction. Meg implemented policies to ensure caregivers and client relations specialists maintain consistent communication with clients and prospects. This tactic has also been used to check in on new clients. Meg and her team focus on making it personal, and will often send birthday cards and flowers to clients for special occasions.

The importance of dignity and compassion in care

And the process has improved overall client satisfaction and turned prospects into clients. One of the most important things that Meg has brought to the table is an overall understanding of the client and his or her family. Listening to your client and his or her family with an empathetic ear paves the road for greater compassion and understanding of the experiences of everyone involved in care. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

Share this post:. However, it is crucial that conversations should take place with families to prepare them for impending death.

Marilee Found Compassion in Nursing - Nurses Week 2016

The individual may be a patient, but remember they are also another human being that may be feeling lost, confused and have questions about their nutritional and hydration needs. Caring for a person during the last few weeks and days of life can be stressful and demanding. Many different feelings and emotions may surface from all those involved.

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Recognition of dying is actually quite complex. This is acknowledged in the literature and in reports regarding end of life care, such as More care, less pathway Neuberger and Dying without dignity Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, It is useful for staff to use prognostic indicator tools in the last year of life.

Improving compassionate care skills with education

The time before death is generally peaceful for patients, and there is a gentle winding down that may take several days. Sometimes these signs appear a few hours before death, and sometimes it can be a few days. We look further into the signs of dying in another section of this module. Staff often feel defensive when a complaint is received, however this is not helpful behaviour and an apology should not be viewed as an admission that they have got it wrong.