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Fire, Smoke and Toxicity Retardant Materials (FST)

This heated sample system enabled the theoretical HCl yield, based on the chlorine content of PVC, to be measured. This indicated that there were no other significant chlorine products in the well ventilated fires. A peak yield of 0. There were significant yields of the irritant gas acrolein and formaldehyde and acrolein was the most important toxic gas.

Abstract Electrical cables with PVC sheaths were investigated for their ignition characteristics, heat release and toxic yields using the cone calorimeter. This is an author produced version of a paper published in Fire Science and Technology Uploaded in accordance with the publisher's self-archiving policy.

In she experimented with the effects of fire on a style British house discovering that toxic gases were as prevalent in closed rooms and ones with their doors open: this affected emergency egress times. Her work in showed that fire fighters were 3 times more likely to contract cancer, as the carcinogens entered through the skin.


Seventy-one people died in the Grenfell Tower fire. Stec had warned of the toxic nature of plastic cladding in an academic paper.

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On 8 February , Stec briefed Public Health England , saying further analysis was needed of soil and dust within the tower and other evacuated buildings before residents returned. Early results indicate high levels of PAH in the surrounding soil and the biggest threat to survivors would be from absorption of toxic material via the skin, not from smoke inhalation.

Black soot from the fire was highly likely to be contaminated with asbestos from the tower. There would be potential large-scale contamination up to a mile around the tower, with potential long-term health implications.

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