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Read preview. Excerpt Pascal's wager has been seen in terms of the calculus of probabilities, as a piece of religious apologetic, as an event in the religious and psychological life of Pascal himself, and as an event in the life of the Jansenist movement and its various expressions at Port-Royal. Neoplatonism By Pauliina Remes Routledge, Read preview Overview.

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Pascal's Wager

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Pascal's Wager

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Pascal's Wager Explained

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LOGIC AND SINGULARITY IN PASCAL'S WAGER | French Studies | Oxford Academic

Reprinted Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter In this book, Leslie Armour explores the underlying logic of ideas brought to the surface by the intersection of two philosophical lines of thought. At the same time Pascal was engaged in an internal struggle with skepticism. While he agreed that it is difficult to find God in physical nature, he disagreed with the claim that we know nothing of nature. The problem is that the human being is both infinite and nothing. He concludes that even today, "If we must act and cannot know enough, we must bet.

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