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All coaches are required to take the Make Ethical Decisions evaluation in order to meet the certification requirements for their level. Following the Make Ethical Decisions Classroom session please allow about a week for the credit to be awarded , you will be able to access the Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation, free of charge.

Josephson Institute of Ethics’ Model

In this evaluation you will be able to select the age most appropriate to your current coaching level to relate the questions to real-life examples. Failure to complete the ethics module will make the coach ineligible to coach for the year.

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Their number is They are open Monday through Friday, am to pm eastern time. What evaluation do I need to take?

Ethical Decision Making: How to Make Ethical Decisions in 5 Steps - Management for the Rest of Us

The direct link to take the evaluation is here. Am I certified?

Please contact Bronwen if you are unsure of your Make Ethical Decisions qualifications to ensure you are able to coach for the season. What is the deadline to complete the Make Ethical Decisions evaluation? I have completed the Make Ethical Decisions evaluation. What do I do now?

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  • I am certified at the right level but your records do not say so. What do I do?

    Ethical decision

    The link is active for the time being to properly redirect coaches but the information is not current. And that cup of coffee you had at breakfast — who made the biggest buck from your purchase? Being ethical does not always mean following the law. And ethics and religion do not always concur. This is perhaps the trickiest stage in ethical decision making, as sometimes the subtleties of the issue are above and beyond our knowledge and experience. Listen to your instincts — if it feels uncomfortable making the decision on your own, get others involved and use their collective knowledge and experience to make a more considered decision.

    Who are the people affected by your decision? Have they been consulted? What are your options?

    ​​​Purpose of this guidance

    Have you reviewed your options with someone you respect? Could you comfortably explain your decision to your mother?


    To the man in the street? On television? If not, you may have to re-think your decision before you take action. Set a date to review your decision and make adjustments if necessary. Often decisions are made with the best information to hand at the time, but things change, and your decision making needs to be flexible enough to change too. Even a complete about face may be the most appropriate action further down the track. Ethical decision making is a tricky business, but you can make more palatable, workable decisions if you follow these 5 simple steps.

    Here is a short guide to help you think through ethical issues and make effective decisions.