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And you develop some small but strong emotional attachment to the hard-won word or the perfect phrase, the kind of thing it took you a while to find, dig out and hammer straight. Its like the back fence that you painted yourself, to you and maybe only you, it looks better than the neighbor's white slats.

And, look, he missed one. In the small black booth they call it a "whisper room" I read my book aloud. That is how stories were first told. When Homer told the story of Achilles and Odysseus, the blind poet spoke and sang. For thousands of years, stories came through the ear. Then, with Gutenberg and popular printing, stories starting coming in through the eye.

Writers changed.

Richard Miniter on Writing for the Ear |

Shakespeare is probably the last writer to write for the ear. Yes, they are captivating stories to hear and wonderful words carefully forged. Listen to the Tantor editions and you will be glad that you did. But, to a writer, they are works clearly written for the eye. And, here I was, in the booth at Tantor, reading my own words aloud for the first time. And, I realized, that I, too, had written for the eye. Of course, we writers have tricks.

For the thoughtful and brooding sections, when Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is planning to kill the Pope or an American president, I wrote it out by hand and slowly typed it in.

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Again, I was trying to match the pacing with the production of the words. At it's best, the book does a great job showcasing the skills of the veteran investigative journalist. The book thoroughly profiles the actions of one the most evil men of the last 65 years. The listener will hear a litany of evil KSM, as Mohammed is called in this book ,has perpetrated over the years and Miniter does a great job explaining just how big of an operational asset KSM was to al Qaeda.

Miniter's writing style is adequate, if workman like. He can from time to time create a vivid depiction of a terrorist attack. His narration though leaves a little to be desired.

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His delivery is often flat and nearly toneless, causal listeners beware. The books largest failing, for a moderate like me, is the huge dose of ideology Miniter delivers in this book. Dear reader I hope you are a Neoconservative, because in the course of reading this book Miniter will feed you a lot of it. If you don't care for it's taste, you may find the book unpalatable.

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Most of the book has a large amount of interesting and well researched information with only a moderate amount of neoconservative ideology; but the last chapter could have been written by Ann Coulter. The final area in which this book falls a bit short for me is Miniter's exploration into what makes a terrorist a terrorist, or I should say his lack of exploration. Jeremy Scahill. The Finish. Mark Bowden. The Way of the Knife. Mark Mazzetti. Ghost Wars. Steve Coll. The Triple Agent. Joby Warrick. Ali H.

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