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Julie Condra as Barbara Elizabeth 'Barbie'. Bess Armstrong as Pilar Graham Coleman.

Barbara Tyson as Gayle. Janne Mortil as Nancy. Ocean Hellman as Sam Goode. Nina Roman as Laura.

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Lesley Ewen. Michelle Beaudoin as Jane. Sarah Strange as Wanda. Corrine Koslo as Nun. Justine Diewold as Annie.

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Barry Greene as Jack. Hrothgar Matthews as Mark.

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Roger Allford as William. Hrothgar Mathews. Sheelah Megill as Wedding Coordinator. Michael Brock as Bernie. Russell Hamilton as Mr.

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  • Elan Ross Gibson as Office Nurse. Kavan Smith as Tommy.

    Mixed blessings on India's biggest pilgrimage

    Andrew Guy as Seamus. Robyn Palmer as Judi. Byron Lucas as John. Michael Cram as Edward.

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    Brenda Crichlow as Delivery Doctor. Nicole Spinola as Ariel. Sandy Tucker as Bathroom Woman. Herman Poppe as Minister.


    Donna Yamamoto as Delivery Nurse. See All Audience Reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best of Netflix. Go back. More trailers. Lodge Our Boys. Mixed Blessings is a mixed bag of a sitcom. While its set-up points to its integrationist intentions, one only has to look at the title to note the writer's own ambiguous feelings - it is hardly the most enthusiastic of supportive statements for a young couple at the outset of their life together.

    Viewed by a contemporary audience, for whom interracial marriage barely raises an eyebrow, the show seems more than happy to reel off a sucession of racial stereotypes and myths. One episode sees the nosy Mrs Beesley repeatedly inform Aunt Dorothy whenever a Black visitor is at the door. When Dorothy inquires as to why Mrs Beesley only sees fit to inform her of the black visitors, the response is, "Well, they're Black aren't they? On seeing a Black engineer in one episode, she feels compelled to offer him a banana. While the show understandably reflects the confused racial attitudes of the time, it's unclear whether it is the prejudices of supporting characters or the very idea that a white man and Black woman can live in matrimonial harmony which is being held up for ridicule.

    The kids will have religious influences from both sides! Here again a blended word is often the most apropos way to describe the situation.

    Mixed Blessings of the Megacities

    Human beings are a resourceful bunch, and when scenarios like the ones above happen, people rely on blended words to help explain themselves, their families, and their stories. You can read the Mixed Blessings Blog for the latest news and developments. You can also subscribe to the Mixed Blessings Dictionary email list to be notified when new fascicles are published. F eel free to also email me directly if you want to talk about blended religion terms or ask me a question.