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Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Logan Robertson Nov In a Shoe Box He Sits. For some, life isn't roses. Red blossoms on sunny days. And others, him, sit watching the barren trees of the fall. In their obscurity they are torn. Continue reading Smoke Scribe Mar Lacey Clark Oct And scattered across the West, Mid-West and South for all the rest.

Public schools interwoven and equally traumatizing in between states. One school in florida was known for fist fights and head lice. I kissed my first boy there. I left for what I thought was summer vacation and never came back. Another accidental move. I had been squeezed in-between the palms of each coast for high school plopped in the midwest. In Wisconsin, I popped like a pimple and broke some major skin.

Tried to end my life a few times.

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Psych ward after psych ward. A nurse took me aside and said "i have hope for you" and it was the first time i felt seen. Easy to pick up. And recovery was like feeling your face after a satisfying shaving Now gliding along the West Coast in Academia's matrix. Politics and community engagement and the center. In the Heart of the City. Biking with helmets. Shoebox studio apartments.

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Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Tell us if something is incorrect. The school and the church are both in Fourth Avenue and the nearest doctor is Dr West, on the corner of Kromboom and Milner Roads in Rondebosch, not too far for emergencies. The coloureds live in a place called Mossienes, including Edna. She's a servant girl I've organised for you.

Everyone knows her because she has blue-blue eyes. She's probably the envy of the neighbourhood.

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I hope you are all well. Love, Ruby and Norman. I won't offer to meet you. I can only take Jacob in small doses. You know how I feel about his goings on. Desiree and Gabriel run to the gate and squabble over who gets to lift the latch. Mommy forgets to let go of my hand, so I can't budge. We are so lucky. Because the house stands all on its own, we have a wide, wild field to play on. The curved path snakes from the front gate to the red polished stoep. The grandest part of the house is the two tall pillars holding up the stoep roof.

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Daddy squints at the paper in his hand. But just you wait — I'm going to transform this garden. I'll plant agapanthus and plumbago bushes like the ones we had on the farm when I was a boy, and zinnias up the path and sunflowers and mealies in the backyard. I glance nervously at Gabriel and Desiree. I hope Mommy and Daddy are not going to fight. Daddy shrugs his shoulders.

Out of the Shoebox by Yaron Reshef – T. R. Robinson Publications

That's a bonus," he says, almost to himself. Before we even see inside the house, we line up outside the lavatory to pee. Daddy comes out patting his fly buttons and looking cross. A whole household must've dropped their load and the kakabalie men haven't taken the bucket away.

Desiree skips down the path, climbs the steps and stands on the stoep. She sings 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' as though she's on a stage, then bows low and makes us laugh out loud. Then, suddenly, from nowhere a strange hum interrupts our laughter. A man. He's making singing sounds.

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Near, but far. Daddy points up the road, but I see nothing. Part of their religion. You can set your watch by that sound, just like the noon-day gun. But I can do without it, thank you very much. They're calling the faithful to prayer.