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At the time of the Reformation, to stop unbridled, speculative, and fanciful interpretations of Scripture, the Reformers set forth the fundamental axiom that should govern all biblical interpretation. It is called the analogy of faith, which basically means that Holy Scripture is its own interpreter.

Lesson 6: Principles of Biblical Interpretation

In other words, we are to interpret Scripture according to Scripture. Behind the principle of the analogy of faith is the prior confidence that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. If it is the Word of God, it must therefore be consistent and coherent.

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Cynics, however, say that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. If that were true, then we would have to say that the smallest mind of all is the mind of God.

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But there is nothing inherently small or weak to be found in consistency. If it is the Word of God, one may justly expect the entire Bible to be coherent, intelligible, and unified. Our assumption is that God, because of His omniscience, would never be guilty of contradicting Himself.

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  5. It is therefore slanderous to the Holy Spirit to choose an interpretation of a particular passage that unnecessarily brings that passage into conflict with that which He has revealed elsewhere. A second principle that governs an objective interpretation of Scripture is called the sensus literalis. Parables are interpreted as parables, symbols as symbols, poetry as poetry, didactic literature as didactic literature, historical narrative as historical narrative, occasional letters as occasional letters.

    The principle of literal interpretation gives us another rule, namely that the Bible in one sense is to be read like any other book. Though the Bible is not like any other book in that it carries with it the authority of divine inspiration, nevertheless, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit over a written text does not turn verbs into nouns or nouns into verbs.

    Principles of Biblical Interpretation

    Have you struggled to understand historical and cultural references in the Bible? Have you ever wished you were more equipped to understand difficult passages? The Bible is a roadmap which will lead us faithfully through every season of life, but only when it is understood and navigated properly. You will learn to read and observe scripture and to discover its colorful details.

    Laws of Bible Interpretation - Lesson 1

    You will explore the crucial role of the Holy Spirit in illuminating the scriptures to our minds and hearts. You will learn steps to apply Scripture in daily life.

    Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics J. Edwin Hartill. Description Using a graphic combination of text, charts, and outlines, Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics introduces you to the science of interpreting the Bible. About the Author J.