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Is 'El Capitan's' rootless breaking old grunt configs? Ask Question.

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Asked 3 years, 11 months ago. Active 3 years, 8 months ago. Viewed times. The workflow is as follows: Assuming npm has been installed, navigate to the grunt directory with package.

Grunt JS: Understanding Grunt Watch in 10 min

Used --force, continuing. Running "uglify:build" uglify task Warning: Unable to write "..

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Running "svgstore:defaults" svgstore task Warning: Unable to write ".. Running "watch" task Waiting But I don't recognize your errors.

Is it possible any node dependencies are installed globally in the root? I do find that when running grunt -v --force everything runs fine, but when each file goes to write, it can't write, for example Warning: Unable to write ".. I also recommend a reboot to recovery and a csrutil disable to turn off SIP.

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Updated docs api links to be version-less. Jul 25, Updated Casper to 2. Aug 27, Sep 26, Removed Makefile settings from. Jul 31, Moved grunt-eslint to npm script executing eslint Feb 11, Switched to eslint-plugin-ghost Sep 17, Enforced unix line endings Oct 23, Removed vim specific ignores. Apr 8, Switched to using relative urls for submodules. Dec 10, Apr 22, Sep 23, Added frontend folder to watch task.