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The material is solid and is great as an on-your-own replacement to a pricier class Microsoft might hold. I am getting many ideas for replacing legacy applications in my work environment. Whether your intent is to grow into a full-blown SharePoint developer or if you need a broader background on how SharePoint works and what its capabilities are, this will be a very good introduction. A fellow co-worker suggested I take a look at this product, and it was the best move I ever made. I have read numerous books, but this course actully lets you download a Virtual PC image so you can work through all of the examples as if you had SharePoint on your own PC!

A must faster way to learn. NET programming. It was also a good move. Most impressve is their support. I usually get an e-mail response within miunutes or hours if I have any questions or snags. Andre is Excellent at following up with you. This is an indispensable tool that every SharePoint admin or developer must have.

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The material is well organized, and though not exhaustive, it is thorough. The video segments could be more polished, but the were more than adequate and the demos were excellent. E xcellent SharePoint training course and resource! Thank You! Very comprehensive and covers a broad range of topics from the Functional Usage, Design and Administration, and finally development, application building, and web part creation. This course will put the student in a grand position to fully understand SharePoint technology.

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Thank you! I cant wait for the SharePoint version to come out!! Excellent SharePoint training course and resource!

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I also took a class on SharePoint. I found that the video was much more comprehensive than the class, and covered SharePoint Portal and SharePoint Windows. The topics cover all the nuts and bolts of setting up and managing a SharePoint website. I would recommend it for anyone who is anticipating the installation of a SharePoint site or is in the early stages of building and managing a SharePoint site. Continuous visual images of the narrator provide the feeling of being in a classroom environment although probably not critical to getting the message across. A great purchase for any company deploying SharePoint!

The demonstrations are full sized and crisp, unlike other blurry screen capture training videos I have seen before. Figure shows the Regional Settings page. Locale: Selecting a locale causes SharePoint to display numbers, dates, and time-related elements in the formats used in the locale selected. It will also cause some less obvious behaviors such as showing the names of months on a calendar view in the chosen locale.

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Sort Order: If you have the proper language pack installed for the selection you make in this drop-down box, items in lists and libraries are sorted in alphabetical order according to the chosen language. Language packs should be installed by a SharePoint farm administrator. Time Zone: This setting is important to set properly because often the users of a SharePoint portal are in a different time zone from the physical server that SharePoint is hosted on. Users expect time and date stamps on documents and items to reflect local time.

If a server sits in California, but users are in New York, leaving the default setting here causes the time stamps of the users documents to be three hours too early. If you are the owner of a site, make sure this setting is correct for the predominant location of your users.

Set Your Calendar: This setting affects the presentation of calendar views usually used for events lists. The default is the standard Gregorian calendar. To see how different settings change the presentation, complete the Try It walkthrough at the end of this chapter.

Enable an Alternate Calendar: The alternate calendar presents an alternate month and year next to the month and year in the chosen format for calendar views. In addition, next to each day of the month shown in the calendar view, the alternate day is shown in parentheses to highlight differences between the chosen and alternate calendar formats. Define Your Work Week: This option is reflected in calendar views, as the weekday shown on the far left side of a calendar view will be the day chosen here as the first day of the week.

Options for the work week and for the start and end times for the workday affect which days and times in the calendar views are shaded darker. Non-working days and hours are shaded, while working hours have a white background.

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Time Format: The hour format shows time in the more common format, with a. The hour setting is military time, such as for 3 p. This page presents a link for each list and library in the site. Clicking the link takes you to the settings page for that list or library. Viewing and Managing User Alerts Alerts are a method for users to receive notification when content in the site are added, changed or deleted.

SharePoint Administration

Users can voluntarily set alerts that will send e-mails to them when the contents of lists or libraries change. Note that you cannot set up alerts for other users using the browser interface provided in SharePoint. Users must elect to receive them and set the alerts themselves. However, this page enables you to view alerts that users have set up and to delete them at your discretion.

Sometimes users decide they no longer wish to receive alert notifications and ask an administrator to remove them. For alerts to work, the SharePoint farm administrator must have previously set up an e-mail server.

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Because alerts rely on the SharePoint server using e-mail, commands that enable users to set alerts are not visible unless an e-mail server has been set up and associated with the SharePoint farm. This must be done by someone with farm administration rights. If the e-mail server has not been set, the Alert Me bell icon will not be visible. As with most technical acronyms, the individual words dont have any meaning to people who arent already information technology professionals.

So what does Really Simple Syndication mean? RSS is a means people who have some content, usually on a website but not always, to publish that content and have it subscribed to on other websites, iPods, and a host of other medium. It enables updates to the source information to be reflected in all the locations that show the source content. SharePoint lists can use RSS in a variety of ways. In addition, SharePoint lists and libraries can serve as sources of feeds for others to subscribe to. You will see the Site Collection RSS checkbox only if the site is the top-level site of a site collection.

The Site Collection checkbox enables or disables allowing RSS feeds for lists and libraries for every site in the collection. That includes the current site and any site below it. Disabling this checkbox overrides any setting that may be set on sites below it. The Enable RSS checkbox will allow or disallow feeds for the current site only.

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  • Finally, in the Advanced Settings section, you can enter some information about the RSS feed that will appear to someone who subscribes to the feed. The Time to Live setting affects how often the feed will update to subscribers.