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The only quarrel with this book is that it does not itself live up to its title, because it also suffers from the same two traits that make it special. Carlson, the veteran corporate speechwriter, seems at many times to be addressing the leaders who he hopes to be his readers the way he's learned to talk to senior executive clients: Gingerly. While the book tells speakers it's important to be interesting, how to make the speech topical enough to grab press, how to research the audience so that your speech resonates and how to deliver a speech successfully, it doesn't quite come out and say what must be said:.

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But it takes two hands to clap, i hope that both customers and customer service officers could make the effort as well. The nurse again. Finally, someone is on our side!

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What would the father do then? The idiom was created in the first place because customer service was universally bad at that time. Companies picked up on it because it gave them a competitive advantage. It seems that the pendulum is swinging back to another equilibrium point — that is, until people get fed up with bad service again, and service once again becomes a competitive advantage. His M. Vendors, unfortunately, are not so quick to do that for obvious reasons. He gets off sending emails detailing how I could do my job better.

He has been rude to a really nice Customer Service lady that helps me on the inside.

Top 5 reasons why "The Customer Is Always Right" is wrong - The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

He insisted that my company fly in product he wanted from Japan at our expense, of course to meet a very short deadline, only to cancel the order after the product he wanted was already en-route. My supervisors have been kept copied on all emails and call details with regard to this person. Many of them have left the building humiliated and angry because of this man. The customer is always right? Those that uphold this ridiculous maxim, I submit, are the same ones that would abuse it for their selfish purposes. I work as a materials estimator for a medium-sized building supply company.

Everyday I am dealing with customers who want to do their building on the cheap, thus sacrificing quality and safety for the sake of dollars. I refuse to put my name on something I know will be unsafe or unsatisfactory. Doing this in the past when I was far more inexperienced cost the company time and money, voiding the initial benefit of the sale by a mile. Working in any customer-related industry, there is a desire to keep customers satisfied.

I often have to remind customers that we are in business to make money first and make people happy second. When a customer walks into my office, I view our relationship as a mutually benefical one: he has something we want money , we have something he wants materials. I am confident that I can service the customer better than our competitors and that is why I feel the customer has chosen to work with me, rather than someone else. But by sticking to my ethics and not just simply heaping platitudes upon the customer and then selling him whatever he wants, I feel that I am giving him the best customer service for what he is spending.

This is a great post. Now, of course we as business owners can also be wrong, sometimes we are at fault when customers get upset. I find the customers that return things, for the most part, are the most difficult ones and cause my company to lose money. Rather than offering free return shipping and other incentives to convince them to buy, I do the opposite. This page has been a breath of fresh air. I have worked at Dairy Queen and a local bank here as a Client Service Representative, and I can tell you I have lost hairs and my health in this stupid client services business.

People are totally unreasonable, iodiotic and seems to me that they come from another world. I am trying desperatley to get out and get a job somwehere else, where there will be not much requirements for client services.

If I have had it, enough is enough. Seems to me that people find anything to complain about. There was one customer who had been special ordering a certain hard to find dog food from our store. After I was hired I was placed in charge of the responsibility of ordering her food.

She expected us to always have the food in stock, but no hold it for two long. She expected it to be placed onto a cart from the back room, loaded into our car, and rung out while she stood by the door. This is not very available dog food. Regardless of the fact that I had a months worth paperwork detailing the 3 orders, transfer requests, and estimated delivery dates for her dog food she decided to call the company headquatrers and complain about me. I was enraged because there was nothing I could of done besides drive to miles round trip to get her dog food.

Apparently that was the appropriate thing to do. So I gathered up the products margins, estimated delivery costs based on national transportation averages, gas prices, etc, time spent ordering and preparing her order and even with conservative estimates found that Petco was actually losing money with her transactions. My attitude and customer service was never the same. I worked as a floor support technician in a certain large entertainment company cannot reveal any more info other than that!

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There were clear layers of customer support escalation from 1st level, 2nd level, dept management, on up. We lower-level employee techs were pretty-much dictated to by our immediate managers about TCIAR for the other floor employees we provide technical service to. We floor technicians handled every technical service call from customers coming our way.

If a VIP needed any sort of attention or hand-holding for a technical issue, though, we had to drop any other service we were performing for the company and RUN to do the VIPs bidding. Management would often not listen to such customers until their service issues were more forcefully emphasised.

Yes, its true! Note that there are other large institutions already noted by other commentators above that practice the same attitude. I worked at Wal-Mart, in the sporting goods department, while in school. One day a customer called in about a certain shotgun wanting to know the price. Within an hour he was standing in front of me ready to pay for the gun. Only when I removed it from the cabinet did I discover the tag was twisted around another. In fact almost double. The manager agreed with me, but had to take it up the chain to the district manager. The district manager made the decision that I was at fault and the customer should have the gun at half the regular retail price.

I was demoted.

Then, I left the company with no more respect for it. Great post. This is real fact. I always buy pampers nappies and have done for 4 years now but i was discusted when i bought a box as usual from my local morrisons store only to open the box to use one an find that most of the nappies were stuck together in the wrong shape, they were size 4 an a box of 88 and only 51 of them was i able to use.

A customer is NOT just someone who shows up to spend money at your place of business. Had a weird day a work today. We blame it on the full moon. Just one day a month, all of you choosing the same day. Not one penny spent, not even lunch or coffee or a pack of gum. Buy what you want, but pick it up from a place you know is friendly and respectful to you and to their employees.

Most likely a small, local business Remember, you are also customers, and hey! Having said that, most of our clients are lovely, intelligent, reasonable people. A very few, on the other hand, are obviously very unhappy campers. Miserable, selfish, illogical, mean, overbearing, and just plain wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Then I stick to my guns. And customer service is part of my job. In my 35 years of employment, I can only think of two bosses who actually backed up their front line people when the client clearly had unreasonable expectations. BUT never where the customer could hear. Those two bosses treated us with respect.