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But this book did the trick. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Vicky from Classic This was a recommendation from my family, and I must admit I wasn't expecting what I got. This historical novel, translated from French, is wonderfully written. It may take time to remember the titles of each character, but no worries there's a list of the characters and who they are related to in the book. This has everything from intrigue to murder and I believe it's a classic.

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Rated 5 out of 5 by Basia from I really enjoyed it you can tell it wasn't written in english first But still a great read. I am looking forward to the others Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Andi from Killing two birds with one stone Maurice Druon's book is a real treat, combining real historical facts with the intricacies of juicy daily life in XIVth century in France and England. I am surprised that some people are upset because it is a real account of those times - extremely important for France, England, papacy - since this is a very entertaining way to get educated.

I read it long time ago, in the 80s, and now I purchased it for my son. It was a page turner for those who like this type of writing. It was so well written and the excitement and intrigue of those times is clearly obvious. Though translated from French it was well written. It was a relaxing, enjoyable read. I cannot wait to read all the others. It was different than I was expecting. This is historical fiction so the outcome is already known if you do a quick google search. The Iron King Summary. Book 1.

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The Castle of Conches and the County of Beaumont will do well enough for that boor! And no sooner are they married than the little bitches start plotting, sending each other notes, taking lovers, and set about betraying the throne of France.


But to behave so basely after having injured me so much, those Burgundy girls are going to learn what it costs, and I shall avenge myself on them for what their mother did to me. Isabella remained thoughtful during this outpouring. That is why they will always be your enemies. Isabella raised her beautiful blue eyes to her cousin and Artois sensed that this time he had struck the right note.

Isabella was on his side once and for all.

The Accursed kings. The original ''Game of Thrones''.

Get them, and I promise you that I shall come to Paris at once upon some pretext or other, and put an end to this disorder. How can I help you? Have you told my uncle Valois? I have thought of Mme de Comminges for the post. She has recently been widowed and deserves some consideration. And in that your uncle Valois can help us. Thus we shall have a creature of ours on the spot, and as we say in military parlance, a spy within the walls is worth an army outside.

You can send them secretly, a little private friendly transaction between you, which neither father nor husbands need know anything about. During the short wait Robert of Artois for the first time ceased to be concerned with his plots and preoccupations and looked round the room, at the religious frescoes painted on the walls, at the huge, beamed roof that looked like the hull of a ship. It was all rather new, gloomy and cold. The furniture was fine but sparse. How much I miss France! He was struck by her tone of voice as much as by her words.


He realised that there were two Isabellas: on the one hand the young sovereign, conscious of her role and trying to live up to the majesty of her part; and on the other, behind this outward mask, an unhappy woman. The French lady-in-waiting returned, bringing a purse of interwoven gold thread, lined with silk and fastened with three precious stones as large as thumbnails. A little heavy for a woman to wear; but exactly what a young man at Court dreams of fastening to his belt in order to show off. There was a noise outside, shouts and laughter. Robert of Artois went over to the window.

In the courtyard a company of masons were hoisting to the summit of an arch an ornamental stone engraved in relief with the lions of England. Some were hauling on pulley-ropes; others, perched on a scaffolding, were making ready to seize hold of the block of stone, and the whole business seemed to be carried out amid extraordinary good humour. His velvet clothes were dusty with plaster.

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She pronounced it Vestmoustiers, in the French manner. Do you imagine they even bother to say Sire to him? They call him Edward, and laugh at him, and he loves it. Just look at him. About him was an air of suspect familiarity. The lions of England had been lowered back to earth, doubtless because it was thought that their proposed site was unsuitable. Edward gave him all the jewels in my marriage casket.

The Iron King (Accursed Kings, book 1) by Maurice Druon

Having beside her a relation and a friend, Isabella at last allowed herself to express her sorrows and humiliations. The morals of Edward II were known throughout Europe. Robert of Artois did not appear surprised to hear these cruel words uttered by a beautiful woman. It must be admitted that such things were the common coin of the period. Kingdoms were often handed over to adolescents, whose absolute power fascinated them as might a game.

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Hardly grown out of the age in which it is fun to tear the wings from flies, they might now amuse themselves by tearing the heads from men. Too young to fear or even imagine death, they would not hesitate to distribute it around them. He visits the low dens of the Port of London, sits with tramps, wrestles with lightermen, races against grooms. Fine tournaments, these, for our delectation!