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Never use periods dots between your jargon letters. It would defeat the purpose of speeding up thumb typing. If you know the people well, and it is a personal and informal communication, then absolutely use abbreviation jargon. On the flip side, if you are just starting a friendship or professional relationship with the other person, then it is a good idea to avoid abbreviations until you have developed a relationship rapport. MENA is one of the most exciting regions in today's treasury landscape. An urgent requirement for digitising trade in the area has led to MENA's financial ecosystem becoming increasingly sophisticated.

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There's no disputing the fact that sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR are now central concerns for businesses and, as a result, affect the treasurer's role. With the aim of being as efficient as possible in its reconciliations, Panini was looking to achieve the same level of detailed information on cross-border collections as it was able to achieve on domestic collections. GPS Food Group recently participated in a successful pilot of the we. By closing this message or continuing to use Treasury-Management. Please login to access your profile.

TMI helps organisations transform.

TMI helps organisations transform.

We empower and inspire people to change by making the key connection between heart and mind. We help your people to delight your customers at every touch point. This is our promise to you. The TMI Story So Far Ever since our foundation in , we have directly influenced and inspired more than 6,, people worldwide. We take you on an inimitable learning journey that results in positive change.

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For your people, your customers and the performance of your organisation. TMI specialises in 5 focus areas :.

  • FTSE US Total Market Index Series (US TMI).
  • Rigour & Complexity in Educational Research: conceptualizing the bricolage (Conducting Educational Research)!
  • TMI World – Learning Consultancy for Organisational Transformation.

Build world-class customer service from the inside out. Read more. Culture Change.

Navigate through your transformation journey. Organisational change can be a dramatic, complex, frustrating yet highly rewarding journey. Performance Improvement. Habits for an effective workplace.

Performance improvement starts with a shared understanding of purpose and objectives.