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Instead, a majority retains Auer only because of stare decisis. And yet, far from standing by that precedent, the majority proceeds to impose so many new and nebulous qualifications and limitations on Auer that the Chief Justice claims to see little practical difference between keeping it on life support in this way and overruling it entirely. So the doctrine emerges maimed and enfeebled—in truth, zombified.

Zombified Preachers of Gore (Full Tape)

Eugene Volokh 9. Ilya Somin 9.


Baylen Linnekin 9. Wendy Kaminer From the October issue. Noah Shepardson 9. Free Speech.

It took a jury 26 minutes to decide that Jonathan Vanderhagen wasn't guilty. Zuri Davis 9. Jonathan Vanderhagen believes a judge doomed his son to an early death. The judge says Vanderhagen's Facebook posts were intimidating. Qualified Immunity. In a few days, the wasp egg hatches into a larva that latches onto the roach and drinks its bodily fluids.

Eventually it emerges as an adult wasp, finally killing its host. Not like humans would ever primp for a totally natural and spontaneous selfie. The weapon of choice for other zombifiers is serotonin, another well-studied neurotransmitter. Then the worm finds itself with a problem. To live, it has to get into the stomach of a bird, which means it needs its host to get noticed.

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Complicating things, fish love to eat amphipods. Researchers think this may cause the victim to mistake light for darkness. Instead of diving into the safety of the murky depths, it ascends to the surface—and to death from above. Whatever their strategy, zombifying parasites are hacking biology.

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Like any living creature, we are manipulable—our brains are chemical soups, programmed to need and be needed. We also lack defenses. All around the world, threadlike critters called horsehair worms grow in the bellies of crickets, feeding on their juices. Once the worms get big enough, they persuade their hosts to do the unthinkable: leap into a stream or pond and risk drowning or death by fish.

Amazingly, the cricket can survive a parasite many times its length squirming out of its body, provided it swims to shore afterward. Scientists know the horsehair worms are releasing a chemical concoction that instructs the crickets to go full kamikaze. Biologists call this, no joke, the mafia hypothesis: Give in to the bullying or die.

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